Diagnostic Imaging

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Summit provides the highest quality diagnostic imaging services at a significantly lower cost to patients than a hospital setting.

Imaging Test

"Hospital North"

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Summit Imaging

Routine Treadmill Stress Test

$1,962 $487


Cardiolite Treadmill Stress Test

$6,636 $6,332


MRI Lspine (no contrast)

$4,360 $2,350


CT Abdomen

$4,088 $1,320


Additional Radiologist Fee*

$123 - $282 $215 - $530


Additional Cardiologist Fee*

$44 - $241 $54 - $221


* Actual charges for area services. Patient payment responsibility varies according to insurance. Patient payment responsibility is significantly lower at a Summit Diagnostic Imaging Center.

Our Facilities

Our imaging facilities are specially designed with the latest equipment and technology in order to provide our patients the very best in diagnostic procedures, delivered with compassion and respect.

Summit Diagnostic Imaging Centers are accredited by local and national agencies, including the American College of Radiology, and are staffed by highly trained specialists, including cardiologists and radiologists.

a woman in a medical scan.

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