Care Coordination

As part of Summit's value-based care initiatives, our Patient Care Coordination teams serve as an extension of our office staff, connecting with patients beyond our office doors to provide comprehensive, continuing care as we seek to produce better patient experiences, foster improved population health and reduce costs.

Summit Patient-Provider Coordinated Care Teams

Supported by strong data analytic tools, Summit's patient-centered care coordination teams enhance care for patients while helping our providers meet a variety of administrative and quality challenges.

Patients receiving assistance from these teams are contacted by Summit's Central Scheduling Department to schedule needed visits and/or screenings.

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Nursing Support Team

Our team of RNs and LPNs not only perform patient triage, but also provide care management and education outreach based on the unique needs of each patient.

Pharmacy Support Team

Our Summit pharmacy support team, comprised of pharmacists and student interns, is responsible for prescription management & adherence, education, medication reviews and outreach — all of which is intended help patients with any medication issues that may arise.

Social Work Team

Summit's team of medical social workers provide medication assistance and access to a variety of community services. See links below to request contact from a social worker or to connect with services in your area.

Physician/Provider Support Team

Our physician/provider support team are integral in the diagnosis, plan of care development, and ongoing patient support as they work directly with your provider to navigate the medical landscape.

Outreach Support Team

Outreach Coordinators support Summit's patient care coordination for required, time-sensitive follow-up. They also connect directly with patients during their transition of care from a hospital stay or Emergency Room visit.

Let Us Help You

Did you know that Summit has Social Workers that can help you with services in your area such as transportation, in-home care, utilities and food?

If you would like to hear from a Summit social worker, contact us at Please include your name, date of birth, phone number, and the name of your Summit doctor in the email.

NOTE: This is for non-emergency situations only. If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

If you, a family member, or a friend is experiencing a mental health crisis, call 988 immediately to reach the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline.

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Connect to Support

You can also locate additional resources, including financial assistance, food pantries and other free or reduced-cost help in your area through the social care network Just click the link below and enter your zip code to find resources available in your area.

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