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A Collective Goal

Deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial is an important and very personal decision. That is why the providers at Summit Medical Group and staff of Accellacare (formerly known as PMG Research of Knoxville) take every factor into consideration before recommending participation in cutting edge medical research. Our collective goal is to ensure that patients receive the very best care, while maintaining an active role in the development of new medications, medical devices and vaccines.

Educating and Connecting

Summit Medical Group, together with Accellacare, provide a unique service to you and our community by educating people about clinical trials, connecting individuals to appropriate clinical trials, monitoring the health and safety of each participant, and working together with pharmaceutical companies to collect information to advance medical science.

By participating in a clinical trial, you too are contributing to the development of the medicines, medical devices and vaccines of tomorrow. Study-related care and study medication is provided at no cost to research participants. Financial compensation is also provided for time and travel expenses.

The providers at Summit Medical Group and the staff of Accellacare can guide interested research participants through the process of considering whether a clinical trial is right for you.

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Studies Currently Enrolling

Click on any of the studies below for more details and a link to the enrollment site.

Cholesterol & Heart Healthy Study

Book a lipid panel today and learn more about your cholesterol levels by taking part in a Cardiovascular Disease research study. People aged 40 years or over living with cardiovascular disease may be eligible, other criteria apply. Reimbursement for travel and expenses may be available.

Click here for enrollment information.

Chronic Cough Study

Our clinic is enrolling non-smoking volunteers who have had an unexplained, persistent cough for at least 1 year to take part in a paid Chronic Cough research study. Other criteria apply. Eligible volunteers will receive study-related care at no cost and financial compensation will also be provided for time and travel expenses.

Click here for enrollment information.

Gout Study

Find out if you may be eligible for a Gout Research Study. This study is now enrolling people aged 18 -75 years diagnosed with Gout. People experiencing swelling and pain in their joints caused by gout may be eligible. Other criteria apply. Financial compensation for time will also be provided.

Click here for enrollment information.

Pediatric Constipation Study

Explore new treatment options for children with constipation. We are conducting a research study on an investigational drug for children and teenagers aged 6- 17 years experiencing constipation. Other criteria apply. Visit our website to find out more.

Click here for enrollment information.

Type 2 Diabetes Study

Consider participating in our research study for adults who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. People currently taking metformin/metformin combination drugs (metformin and SGLT-2 inhibitors) and using insulin once a day may be eligible, other criteria apply. Sign up for more details.

Click here for enrollment information.

Flu Vaccine Research (65+)

Every year influenza vaccination is strongly recommended for adults aged 65 and older to help prevent flu and flu-related complications. We are currently enrolling adults aged 65 years or over for our latest research study evaluating an investigational flu vaccine. Other criteria apply. Visit our website to find out more.

Click here for enrollment information.

Weight Loss and Obesity Research

Accellacare provides options for adults over 18 to be a part of medical advancements. Learn more about opportunities to participate in future research for obesity, weight management, and other associated conditions impacting weight.

Click here for enrollment information.

Why Consider Research?

Many patients consider clinical research as a care option because they may learn more about their health and receive access to quality medical care and study medication at no cost. Participants may also receive financial compensation for time and travel expenses. Overall, clinical research positively impacts the health of millions, including friends, family, and future generations, by leading to new medications, vaccines, and medical devices.

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