Putting Steps Into Practice

Creating a Plan For Success

  1. Use your tools: food trial plate/magnifying glass/age-appropriate utensils.
  2. Provide food in three different ways.

Remember - this is a time to engage with your child, so be present, maybe explore the same trials yourself, and review some of the investigation questions listed below.

a plate with food on it.

Questions for Investigational Nutrition

  • Is the food hot or cold?
  • Is the food wet or dry?
  • Is the food cooked or raw?
  • Is the food hard or soft?
  • What happens when you cut the food in two?
  • What does the food look like up close?
  • What happens if you try to squash the food with a spoon?

a woman looking at her phone.

Use your workbook to record your experience. What new food did you try? How did you trial this food? How did the child respond to each way the food was prepared ? Remember the most important aspect is to stay positive and not create a situation of pressure surrounding food.