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Infusion Services

Summit Infusion Services provides patients in Knox County and the surrounding area the care they need close to home. We offer an upscale treatment area equipped with televisions, comfortable seating, and free wi-fi to provide a soothing, friendly environment for our patients.

Our infusion team includes skilled Registered Nurses who are trained to provide IV medication administration.

Summit Infusion Services provides prior authorization and rapid scheduling for patients. We are committed to providing the very best care. A broad range of antibiotic and biologic infusions and other therapies are available.
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For every new patient, our team will:

  • Process your referral
  • Verify benefits and eligibility
  • Obtain prior authorization
  • Consult with patients on benefits and next steps
  • Schedule the patient appointment and notify you
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Patient Benefits

  • Medical Director supervision and oversight
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Rapid scheduling and verification of benefits
  • Verification of financial assistance available through the pharmaceutical company, such as co-pay cards and medication discounts
  • Comfortable infusion setting
  • Highly-skilled infusion nurses
  • No facility fees
  • Convenient parking
  • Clean, controlled environment for patient safety
  • Conveniently located at Barnett Way and 1-75
  • More cost-effective than hospital-based infusion

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Summit Infusion Services: Meet the Team

Infusion services are primarily administered by one of Summit's experienced, skilled infusion nurses. As an integral part of Summit's health care team, our infusion nurses are registered nurses (RN) who have received extensive training to specialize in infusion therapy practice. Their primary focus is patient safety, including:

  • Planning for and initializing the infusion
  • Managing and administering the treatment
  • Recognizing and managing any complications
  • Overseeing the conclusion of treatment

Summit's specialized infusion nurses receive medical oversight by Summit's Medical Director, Dr. Eric Penniman.

Partnering With The Best

In 2021, Summit Medical Group partnered with Healix, the premier provider of outpatient infusion management services. Focused on patient and physician peace of mind for more than 30 years, Healix offers unparalleled capabilities for optimal patient care, comfort, compliance, and clinical outcomes in an outpatient setting.

With more than 300 infusion clinics across the country, Healix specializes in infectious disease, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, allergy, immunology, and pulmonology. This serves as an extension of Summit Medical Group - partnering with our providers provide integrated solutions to improve all aspects of the infusion program.

Studies show that the physician office infusion center setting provides significant site of care benefits for patients, communities, and payors, including superior clinical outcomes and lower cost of care. Our partnership with Healix assists with all infusion center operations, including drug purchasing, revenue cycle management, managed care programs, and clinical staffing.

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Submitting a Referral

As a referring physician, our goal is to provide your patients with courteous, prompt, and experienced infusion patient care. Just one fax or phone call to our infusion center will initiate the authorization process immediately. We will provide you with a follow-up report on the patient's infusion procedure in a timely manner and notify you immediately if your patient has any concerns or experiences any adverse events during the infusion therapy. Our Medical Director, Dr. Eric Penniman, is available to discuss your patient with you.

Our referral process is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below and we'll take care of the rest.

  1. Download and complete our general referral form (or specialty form, if applicable), provided in a fillable PDF format.
  2. Complete the supplemental documentation and fax it, along with the referral form, to (833) 908-2165.
  3. Our support team will send an acknowledgement of receipt and will notify the patient that the approval process has been initiated.
  4. Upon insurance approval, our support team will notify you, contact the patient to review any financial responsibility, and schedule their visit.

Our Location

Summit Infusion Services is located inside the:

Summit Express Clinic at Powell

7545 Barnett Way

Powell, TN 37849

Phone: (865) 269-2091

Fax: (833) 908-2165
Coming soon: Infusion Services at Cedar Bluff!

Most Insurances Accepted

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