Men's Health Week: June 13-19, 2022

Word cloud of men's health terms in the shape of a person next to text that says 'Men's Health Week'

Men's Health Week is June 13-20, the week leading up to Father's Day — because what better way to celebrate our dads than to encourage them to take care of their health?

This week is all about healthy bodies, exercise diet, and most importantly, regular visits to the doctor. It's part of International Men's Health Month, a month-long recognition of men's health with activities and events to remind men to take care of their bodies. So whether you are a man (or just love them), take some time this week to work towards a healthier future!

What Can I Do to Recognize Men's Health Week?

  1. Make an appointment. One of the best ways to celebrate Men's Health Week is to finally schedule that doctor's appointment you've been putting off. Do you have a mole that doesn't look right? Maybe you've been dealing with pain from an old injury. It's possible your digestion has been off track for a while, or maybe it's just time to schedule a preventative screening. Use Men's Health Week as an excuse to make a call and get that appointment on the calendar.
  2. Head to the gym. Use Men's Health Week to get yourself moving! Go the gym, take a long walk, swim some laps, or take a bike ride. Your body will thank you and may just become the start of a weekly ritual.
  3. Wear a blue ribbon. A blue ribbon is the symbol for Men's Health and wearing one this week will show your commitment to the cause. It also does double duty as a conversation starter, helping you share information about Men's Health Week to anyone curious enough to ask.

Why is Men's Health Week Important?

  1. We love the men in our lives. We all have fathers, brothers, sons, grandfathers, and friends that are men — while some of us are even men ourselves. We want the men in our lives to be healthy, happy, and with us for a long time. Encouraging them to take care of themselves is a big part of that. Men's Health Week helps us talk to the men in our life about their health.

  2. Health is hard. Especially in America, men often feel societal pressure to be macho and invincible — which often means they choose to ignore symptoms and put off doctor appointments because "they're fine." Men's Health Week is all about providing positive peer pressure in the other direction.

  3. It's an excuse to 'follow your bliss.' It can be hard to find time to do the things we love to do, but Men's Health Week is a good reminder that health is also about happiness. Take a hike, go on a walk, play a round of golf, read a book, or just take a nap. Do what relaxes you! It's all healthy.

For additional information about healthy lifestyle choices for men, or to schedule an annual wellness visit or preventative screening, visit to find a doctor near you.