Sleep Study Preparation Guide

Sleep study patient preparation instructions:

  1. Arrive at Summit Sleep Services for testing at 8:00p.m. Bring a copy of your current insurance card. The staff will ensure insurance pre-certification is completed prior to your arrival if insurance indicates.
  2. Bring comfortable sleeping clothes; avoid silk materials please.
  3. Avoid naps if possible the day of the test.
  4. Avoid caffeine after 6:00p.m. (soda, tea, coffee)
  5. Avoid alcohol the day of the test, unless otherwise directed.
  6. We ask that your hair is free of hair sprays and/or gels as the technologist will apply electrodes to the outside of your scalp and these adhere best to product-free hair/scalp.
  7. Feel free to bring any item from home that may help you sleep better. Please note that we offer a home-like sleeping environment as well as shower facilities if you should need them.
  8. Bring any prescribed medications that you take before going to bed or take them before you arrive. *It is a good idea to bring any medications that you may need during the night as our facility will not have access to prescribed medications.
  9. Plan to eat dinner before arriving; however we do have a kitchen area and you may bring snack foods if needed, especially if you are a diabetic.
  10. We ask that you call us if you are sick on the day of your scheduled appointment to discuss rescheduling options.
  11. While we understand that unforeseen circumstances arise, we ask that you provide at least a 24 -hour notice of cancellation. Thank you for your consideration.
a woman preparing for a sleep study.