Promoting pink for National Mammography Day, preventive health every day


For National Mammography Day on Friday, Oct. 18, Summit Medical Group is changing its website and social media logos to pink to promote awareness for breast health. This temporary change serves as reminder to women (and men) to take charge of their health, perform self-breast exams and schedule an annual mammogram based on age and risk factors.

Summit Medical Group’s three Knoxville-area Diagnostic Imaging Centers offer three-dimensional (3D) mammography. Aimed at enhancing patient care, 3D mammography provides a higher rate of detection for breast cancer than two-dimensional screenings.

3D mammography takes multiple images of breast tissue to create a multi-layered, three-dimensional image, compared to a single image created by traditional mammography. This 3D image provides a clearer picture, allowing doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time to help make a more accurate diagnosis. Thus, 3D mammograms help reduce false positives and the need for further testing, particularly for women with dense breast tissue. A 3D mammogram emits the same amount of radiation as a traditional mammogram, takes only a few seconds more to perform and causes no additional discomfort. The difference is the benefit of enhanced images for a physician to review.

The goal, as always, is early and accurate detection – and peace of mind.

Any individual can receive a 3D mammogram. Women age 40 and older should receive a yearly mammogram, as well as those with risk factors and family history as recommended by a primary care physician.

Join Summit in recognizing National Mammography Day to promote breast health. Make an appointment today for your annual mammogram and remind your loved ones and other women in your life to do the same. Preventive health, including screening mammograms, is key to saving lives.

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