Infusion Therapy 101

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What is infusion therapy, and how does it work?

As technology continues to advance, so does healthcare. Infusion is the delivery of medication intravenously. This allows for more efficient treatment of chronic illness since it delivers medicine, antibiotics, and/or hydration directly into the bloodstream. Doctors often recommend infusion therapy if the patient's condition cannot be treated by traditional medicine.

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Infusion vs. Injection

Along with infusions, injections are also a common method of delivering medication directly into the veins (and other areas of the body). Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between an infusion and an injection.

Some Intravenous (IV) medications are given through injections. Various types of injections include:

  • IV Push - Medicine is administered slowly and intravenously by a syringe
  • Subcutaneous - medicine is injected under the skin
  • Intramuscular - medicine is injected into the muscle (pictured, left)
a person in a blue lab coat holding a syringe.

Our Location

Summit Infusion Services is located inside the:

Summit Express Clinic at Powell
7545 Barnett Way • Powell, TN 37849

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A physician referral is required for all treatments.

Most insurances accepted.

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