It’s no secret that diabetes is one of the more prevalent diseases in East Tennessee. It’s also one of the most costly diseases with long-term lifestyle ramifications. At Summit, physicians work hard to monitor, control, diagnose and treat diabetes so that patients can live longer, healthier lifestyles.

Summit’s Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP) is ranked in the top 10 nationwide with 146 physicians participating in the program.

About the NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program

NCQA DRP was developed to provide physicians with tools to support the delivery and recognition of consistent high quality care. This voluntary program is designed to recognize physicians and other clinicians, who use evidence-based measures and provide excellent care to their patients with diabetes. The DRP Program has 10 measures which cover areas such as:

      • HbA1c control
      • Blood Pressure control 
      • LDL control 
      • Eye examinations 
      • Nephropathy Assessment 
      • Smoking status and cessation advice or treatment 
Those who achieve DRP Recognition show their peers, patients and others in the diabetes community that they are part of an elite group that is publicly recognized for its skill in providing the highest-level.